Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What a Great Weekend!!

I know some of you social media folks have seen these pics before...but I thought I'd post them here for my non-FB, non-Instagram friends.

My mom and sister came for a long weekend visit to see Joey graduate from high school and celebrate my Birthday.  It was such a fun, action packed weekend!! Well, I say action packed because we did a lot of fun stuff but there was a nice amount of down time to chat and laugh and just hang out.

Justine helping me take selfies (I got lessons from her and Barb)...in the car, on the way to our 5K walk on Saturday. It was the first race my mom had ever done...she did great!!  
 Yeah!  Congratulations Joey!!
The ceremonies were very nice...and inside!

Mom and Barb with Joey!

Three more years and we do this again with Justine.

They brought with them perfect weather from California!  Now that they're gone, it's turned hot and humid.  Ick. I miss them so much already!

Me and my sis!!

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