Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I grew up in San Diego, well, a suburb east of San Diego called La Mesa.  When I became an adult I lived all over San Diego, moving on average about every year and a half until I married Mike and we moved back to La Mesa to have our kids and raise our family...before moving to Florida and parts North.  I spent a huge part of my time before meeting Mike at the beach communities, living in both Ocean Beach and Crown Point.  Neither of which I have a photo of BUT here's an old time photo of Pacific Beach taken in 1925.

And a recent photo so you can see the changes...and what hasn't changed that much.

Photos are from a book called San Diego Then and Now.

I thought a change of pace for Throwback Thursday would be nice and give you a break from all the family photos.

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  1. Love this picture! Having been born and spending so much time in La Mesa, I also have the San Diego Then and Now book. San Diego has come a long way (not all positive either!) from the early days when we used to drive through dairy farms in Mission Valley to go to the beach in the picture above!