Sunday, November 4, 2012

Been Busy Knitting

Happy Sunday everyone!  I've been absent for a while, I know...but a lot has been happening!

Knitting first!

I finished a few shawls, socks and hats.  I even finished a pair of mittens!  Here's what some of them look like:
 Stripe Study...all garter stitch and short rows.
 Skinny Fit Mitts out of left over Cascade 220.
 Charlize out of Jitterbug.  
Hat for Mike.  My own pattern.

This lovely is Mormorio which I knit with a bunch a folks on Ravelry.  The designer sponsored a KAL with a drawing for knitting goodies on December 1st...keep your fingers crossed for me!  I never win anything...

I also started an ambitious project called Sock Yarn Blankie.  That's right a blankie knit with sock yarn, but before you hurt yourself rolling your eyes too much, let me explain.  It's small mitered squares (3") knit with leftover sock yarn.  You pick up from the sides of each square to knit a new one so there's no sewing.  There are a few ends for weaving in but I'm doing them every couple rows to stay caught up.  Still scratching your head?  Well, I'm making this entire blanket with my sock scraps...of which I have TONS!!!  So no yarn buying (it's a miracle!). I've knit 70 squares and I have yet to repeat a color.  It's really pretty, very patch workie.  This is a long term project...hopefully shorter term than my last blankie which took 14 years...that I'm sure will take a couple years.  When the weather warms in the spring, I'll put it away till Fall then start up again. I'll post a pic in another month or so.

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  1. Wow - you've been busy, Brenda and it all looks great! The thought of knitting a blanket from sock yarn is freaking me out ... I'm bored already 25 rows into a blanket I'm making with two strands of DK, but the Christmas deadline is focusing my mind and at least 25 rows = 12 inches!!