Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall is here.

Musing from my walk with Gracie...

The temperature is 55 degrees and the air is cool and crisp.  Leaves crunch underfoot and fall from the trees. The street is lined with leaves, except where the cars drive where they're swept clean.  In the sun, it's nice and warm...I wonder if I'll be too warm in my hoodie, then we turn the corner and the tree lined streets are only dappled with sun.  Soon I appreciate the warmth of my hoodie again.  Squirrels scold us from the trees with their "tsk-tsk" sounds.  Gracie stops every so often and sniffs.  She pops her head up and stares into the trees and I wonder what her doggie eyes see that my human eyes can't...even with my new glasses.  Most people are at work, occasionally someone walks past us and says, "Hello."  No tap-tap of Gracie's toenails, she's just been to the groomer this morning and they clipped her nails.  Crows caw, hawks screech...we make our way back home.  Lunchtime!  And maybe some knit-time, too.  Fall is most definitely here.

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