Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Historic Annapolis Bike Tour...kinda

Mike and I drove to this park, mounted our bikes and rode to Historic Annapolis!

View from the bridge that goes over the Severn River to the Naval Academy.  The day was a cool and crisp Fall day...really nice.

First we explored this trail that went through Germantown.  When the trail stopped, so did we...turned around and headed back to the historic area of the city.
 We happened upon this cute park in the middle of a neighborhood.  There were duck statues in the park, families walking around, a dad and son playing baseball (I was praying that the kid didn't hit the ball my way and knock me off my bike...hey! it could happen) and had a boardwalk next to a dock on the river.
 On the boardwalk.
By the river.

 Then we rode to the historic dock on the Chesapeake River where all the great restaurants are...crab cake central!
 Then we rode to the government buildings and found these statues...
 by the...
 House of Delegates
On our way back over the bridge...until next time!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful place to take a ride. Isn't fall in the mid-Atlantic wonderful!!! Beautiful colors and not too cold.