Sunday, November 4, 2012


Al and Mary Lou came for a visit last month.  It was so fun to have family here...we really miss them so much!  The weather was perfect!  We finally have a proper guest room (Veronica's room) for them!  And they have their own half-bath, too.  They got to see Joey in his field show competition and in a parade.
There he is, in all his tenor-playing glory!!  

We also took a cruise in Annapolis harbor! It was only a little cool on the boat, weather-wise, and the sun was shining! 

We also did some hiking at Quiet Waters Park.  It's a county park in Annapolis with tons of hiking/biking/walking trails, water views, picnic areas, a visitor's center...and an ice skating rink!

 How cool is this outdoor ice skating rink?!  I've never skated outdoors before (nor will I ever, having broken my elbow the last time I did ice ice skating days are over) and neither have the kids.  Can't wait for the chance for them to experience it!  I'll sit on the sidelines with my blanket, hot chocolate and knitting, thank you very much.

We visited Ellicott City...cuz it's just so darn cute!  We had a nice lunch, walked around and shopped a bit, too!

We also visited Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  We walked up and down, then had a lovely lunch in Little Italy.
 Outside the aquarium.
 We found an interactive park with musical instruments and had to try the marimbas in honor of Veronica!

It was a great visit.  When they come back we'll do an harbor cruise at the Inner Harbor.  So on the day they left, Mike left too.  He went to South Africa on business.  Then the next day we heard about Hurricane Sandy coming to visit on Monday.  Holy Crap!

I'm quite proud of myself for getting all the necessities ready for the hurricane.  At the time, we didn't know if she was coming directly for us or further North.  Guess we all know the outcome, eh?  Those poor folks in New York and New Jersey.  We really lucked out here, the damage was minimal.  We lost power for about 16 hours, had lots of rain and wind but really, not too bad.  
Mike's return flight was overnight on Sunday, arriving in Atlanta on Monday morning.  He thought Sandy wasn't going to be any big deal...well, that all changed when he arrived in Atlanta!  His flight was cancelled and the hotels were all taken (duh).  He got a rental car and drove to Macon, stayed there two nights and got a flight for home on Wednesday.  We were so happy to see him!!  He felt so bad about having not been here for the storm.  He felt so bad, in fact, that he did some yarn shopping for me!  He got me this wonderful denim colored sock yarn made by Copper Corgi...a Savannah yarn company!  Sweet!  What a guy!

I think you're caught up now.

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  1. You're really getting to know your new city very well. Both of you must have been worried sick when Sandy was coming through. I know when things like that happen, I want our family to be together. Glad all that happened was an electrical outage and nothing more serious.