Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, here we are again...Friday morning and me. And my early morning pattern purchase, too.

Meet Thermis by Kristen Patay. The latest in my newest addiction of cowls. I hope my mom sees this post, up to a couple days ago, she didn't know what a cowl was. I never thought I'd have use for one, living in Florida. But it gets cold here in NE Florida...really, it does. Ok, not Wisconsin cold or even northern Arizona cold, but cold nonetheless. Freezing in fact, ice on cars and lawns...teen temps over night sometimes. I love it! I live for it! And I complain about it, especially when I'm on my bike going 18 mph and my eyes are watering so much I can't see. It's easier to take while running because the body warms faster, but getting out the door to start the run is tough in our version of cold weather. Anyway, back to cowls. They're quite nice to wear, you don't get the bulk of a scarf and your neck stays toasty warm. They don't take much yarn, so you can get some yummy stuff like, um...Malabrigo or Madeline Tosh DK (which is closer to worsted weight), and make a nice gift for someone (hate to mention it, but Christmas is coming)...or yourself!

So I'll be casting on Thermis today with a lovely cobalt blue Malabrigo, sewing velcro on band uniforms, watching for signs of Irene, doing laundry and probably tucking into a musical while I knit my little heart out.

It's gonna be a good day.

Got a cowl on your agenda today?

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