Sunday, January 10, 2010

We're still cold...

It's been so cold...really cold, freezing in fact. So last night my man made "Mike-cicles". I guess he sprayed water into the tree and it froze into icicles (I sat inside knitting...go outside? Are you crazy?!). It's almost Noon here, and they're still in the tree and on the grass...that's because it's only 38 degrees outside! Burr!

Say hello to...Lucas!
Justine decided to get another hamster. This guy is a dwarf hamster. He's so soft and cute!! He's still getting used to us so he's a little skittish. He's a fast should see him race around on his wheel!

Geography Bee!!
Justine competed in her school Geography go girl! Ok, so she only lasted the first round...she gets that from her mother. We're proud of her for trying her best!


  1. The new hamster is clearly evil ... you can tell by its eyes (windows to the soul, you know!).

  2. Lucas is cute! Look at those puffy cheeks!!
    Does he actually have red eyes? Or is that just your flash? I'm guessing the latter...
    : )