Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warm Toes

I finally finished Mike's socks! Can't believe I cast these on in October...yikes! I got this yarn for my b-day last year, before Knitpicks started selling it in 100g hanks. Notice the two color dye lots? I really like the darker color better, the dark/light contrast is more pronounced. Mike probably would have never noticed the difference in the socks, but I pointed it out to him anyway. He loves them and doesn't care about the color difference at all.

He's wearing them to work today...wheeeee!!

1 comment:

  1. I just downloaded a sock pattern from knitpicks that I thought you might like -- it's Toe UP!

    I do the cast on part a little different - dividing the 20 stitches on two needles, but alternating. What I mean, cast them all onto one needle and then slip every other stitch onto a 2nd needle before joining in a circle. I like that look a lot better, if you care.

    These socks for Mike are great! Even in the photo I can tell a slight color difference, but my husband never would've noticed either.