Monday, January 18, 2010

A Story of Two Socks

This is a story of two socks...

I'm putting my Finery socks on hold so I can order a 40" size 1 circular needle to knit them Magic Loop. I started them (on size 1.5) and got the first repeat of the pattern done, then realized that they don't look like the pattern photo. After talking with Picnicknits, she explained that the smaller size looks different because of the double yarn overs. Problem is, I wanted socks that looked like the pattern photo. She was very sweet and re-worked the chart on the smaller size so it had a purl stitch running up the middle of the pattern and would match the larger size. But it brought up the stitch count to 68 sts instead of 64. I decided to go a little smaller on the needle size, to make sure they would fit. And now I wait....

But while I'm waiting.....I started my first toe-up sock! I finally was successful in casting on at the toe and knitting up. I tried the "figure 8" and it didn't look so good, couldn't get on the computer to figure out "Judy's Magic Cast On" then finally tried the Turkish Cast On and it worked great! I increased to 64 sts, but then realized that because the foot will be just plain stockinette, I should probably go back and just have 60 sts around the foot. I'm making the Circle Socks, so the pattern is only on the leg. I just thought it would make doing my first toe up sock a little easier without a pattern foot. Now I'm on my way to the gusset! Wahoo!!


  1. That TOE-UP sock is looking good!

  2. Brenda ~
    I was over at the Adult Center a couple of weekends ago and saw a poster that sure looked LIKE YOU!! Did you take a painting class there, once upon a time?