Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I know Christmas is inching closer...and not because every morning Justine bounces out of her bedroom and announces how many days left until Christmas...I know because...

...I still have a pile of Christmas cards sitting on my table. Half are addressed, none are written in, I have no return address labels (have to have cute, Christmas ones of course) and I have three stamps in my position (none of which I can use because I need the Madonna stamps instead). I remember the days when I would have the cards out before Thanksgiving weekend was up. Those days are LONG gone.

...My closet is filling up with plastic bags full of presents for my family. That's the hiding's ok, if you know, everyone knows (and they know to stay out, if they want their presents).

...I made my first batch of Almond Roca on Tuesday. I also have enough ingredients to make another 7 batches in my pantry. Gee, I hope that's enough.

...I'm knitting at a feverish pace to make sure CERTAIN things get done.

...I'm wondering what to get for the 5 people I work with....any ideas?

...I got an email from my mom giving me the wish list for my niece and nephews. Crap, I coulda got them stuff when I was at the mall yesterday. Back to the mall, I suppose.

...I have got to make it to the one See's Candy kiosk in all of Jacksonville to get goodies for the family (um...and me). I liked San Diego better, there was a See's Candy STORE in every mall...even one at the airport!

...I'm getting a hankerin' to drive around and look at Christmas lights! I'm even excited about going downtown and seeing the big tree at the Landing do it's little show of lights and music (hokey, but good family fun).

Gotta go...Christmas is coming!

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  1. Oh - I remember your Almond Roca! And ... I haven't even started our Christmas cards, so you're w-a-y ahead of me. Have fun.