Friday, April 17, 2009

Toes Up are Belly Up

Well, Godzilla strikes again. I was doing great on my first toe-up sock, working my way towards the heel with great enthusiasm. Until I realized that I was working the pattern over the entire stockinette on the bottom of the foot. I totally forgot that I only needed to work the pattern on the instep. Duh.

I was working on these almost the whole time at knit group on Wednesday and nobody said a thing! Maybe nobody noticed. More likely, they think I don't make those kind of mistakes. Think again. I make more mistakes than they realize...experience doesn't always keep you from screwing up, you know! Donna...I did just like you did on your first pair, but from the other direction!


  1. Happens to the best ... most of us just don't admit it to the whole electronic blogging world!

  2. Now you can wear the socks without shoes and show off the bottom of your feet!!

    I wasn't there Wednesday... but I wouldn't have noticed anyway since I know nothing about socks. : )

  3. Who said stockinette has to be on the bottom?

    Please tell me you didn't rip them out!