Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Goodies!

New shirt for Brennee!
See's candy egg...full of goodies!

Showing off her new t-shirt and egg! trunks!

There are a few things the kids look forward to in life....Birthdays, Christmas and last day of school for instance, BUT nothing puts them in to a happy tail-spin like getting a package from Aunt Barb and Uncle Mark! First off, there is always candy inside...ALWAYS! The candy is almost always from See's which we discovered after moving here that they're don't have any stores here in town. Lucky for us, Barb & Mark keep us in good supply. Yesterdays box had t-shirts for me and the kids, candy for everyone (Mike's favorites among them!) and a lovely card.
Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an Aunt Barb and Uncle Mark...believe me, we're counting our by box.
(If you're reading this guys...THANKS! AND WE LOVE YOU!)

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  1. Hey Brenda -

    What a cool website! Love all of the photos of the family and your garden. :)

    Gracie is too cute! I can't wait for that little fuzzball to jump in my lap when I visit. Can you believe it's only in one week?!

    Thank you for your kind words in your blog. I sure love you and the kids - and miss you all.

    See you soon,