Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The Jitterbug yarn that has yet to become socks for myself has gone off via the US mail to Indiana.

Let me explain.

I got this beautiful Jitterbug yarn one day. Colors beyond colors...bright and beautiful...perfect for socks. I decided to make Spring Forward with them. Well, the first sock turned out a little short for my foot. Don't ask how this happened, something to do with the pattern ending at the right point to something. After much thought I decided to rip them out and start over. I would have loved to gift them to a friend with smaller feet, but the friends with smaller feet wouldn't like the bright colors, so...ripped. Now, I think...hey! Toe up socks! That didn't turn out too well either. (See prior post.) I'm thinking The Third Time will not be a Charm. So I got an idea. I knew a friend of a friend that commented how she loved the colors in the yarn. I contacted her through Ravelry to see if she'd be willing to "swap" sock yarns. She said yes! Now my yarn is on it's way to her and her yarn is on it's way to me. Not exactly sure what she's sending me, Tofutsies Sock Yarn of a surprise color, I believe. Yippee skippy!

I'm thinking maybe it'll become No Purl Monkey Socks. Hummmmm....

Ok, yeah, I could have knit up another pair of socks with that yarn, but this is WAY more fun!

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