Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crusin' with The Barb

Barb and I took a harbor cruise in St. Augustine yesterday. The weather was perfect! We asked this gal to take our picture and being the Godzilla that I am, I had the camera set on video instead of photo. Oops.

Enjoy anyway...

We also went shopping and had lunch at O.C. Whites. They're deep fryer was broken...can you believe that? Probably a good thing for us to eat a little healthier since we were planning on going to Clark's Fish Camp for dinner. They have the best hush puppies in town!

Our next stop was the Anastasia Light House. This is just the coolest thing...if you live here and haven't been...get thee to the lighthouse! We climbed all 219 steps to the top and stayed for a while chatting and enjoying the breeze and view.


  1. Love, LOVE, LOVE windblown hair!! It's best when it's mine, but I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I see it on other people too -- gives me a hankerin' to visit the coastal home of my youth!

  2. ha ha... the video is funny! and apparently your photographer was worried about the picture being good enough to keep... lol!