Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ten for Tuesday...Snow Day Style!!

Ten Wishes for today's Snow Day!


2.  And then...more snow!! (Really there's barely a trace out there so far...but lots of ICE so that's why there's a Snow Day.)

3.  I really need to get to the store today, I wish for a nice pocket of no snow for when I run to the store.

4.  I wish for a good movie on TV or Netflix.

5.  A nice chunk of time to knit something wonderful.

6.  A new project to start...or swatch.

7.  I really wish I don't eat too many of the cookies I made yesterday.

8.  I really hope Mike is at work and not still on the road.  Last I heard he was stuck in traffic before the Severn River Bridge.  Technically they don't get a Snow Day from work unless a State of Emergency is called.  

9.  I hope if knitting is cancelled tonight, it's rescheduled for Thursday instead.

10.  I wish it snows enough for tomorrow to be a Snow Day too!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow on the snow for you guys, we didny get any snow! Ha!