Tuesday, February 3, 2015

All the Knit, and Nothing but the Knit

I though I'd let you know what I've finished recently, what's on the needles and what's waiting in the wings...
 This is Wurm...Knit with my own hand dyed yarn.  Too band the picture is crap.  The green is much more kelly green.  I need a better camera.  Or maybe a camera that isn't my phone.  Or maybe learn to use the camera in my phone better.  Anyway...Wurm.
 This is an infinity cowl called Irish Mesh Cowl.  Quick and easy to knit.  Yarn is really lovely (picture below more true to the colors)...a silk and merino single ply blend.  I'm such a sucker for single ply at any gauge.
 Below is Nurmilintu.  It's an shawl.  I haven't blocked it yet, probably today.  I'll post another pic of it blocked and hopefully capture the color better.  The yarn is Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Tart.  Only the best and most beautiful shade of red in the whole wide world!  And a single ply.  Really lovely.  A lot of garter and totally reversible.
Mitts called Sprig in beautiful Malabrigo Arroyo in the Pocion colorway.  A quick knit, even with all the twisted rib.
 Justine wanted a cowl in this yarn.  She picked it out when we were in Jacksonville at A Stitch In Time. It's Malabrigo Worsted in the Molly colorway.  The pattern is Darkside Cowl.  Nice play on ribbing, don't you think?  It's very geometric and super squishy!  She loves it.

Here's what's on the needles:
February Lady Socks in a super fun colorway called Bollywood by Stitch Jones.  A joy to work and will be a blast to wear.  One sock down, one to go.
 I hand dyed this yarn too.  It's red, blue, some green and pink.  I'm making mitts called Aqua Mitts.  Big cable and ribbing.  Yum.
 More hand dyed yarn ala Brennee!  This was the first one I did in my recent delve back into the world of yarn dyeing. Just a vanilla sock but all those colors make it so much fun to knit up.  And NO POOLING AT ALL!!  Sweet!
 I got this lovely self-striping yarn at A Little Bit Sheepish in Berlin.  It has some sparkle in it...just a little bit which suits me perfect.  Vanilla again, but fun stripes to keep interest.  One down, one to go.  (Don't fret, I don't have second sock syndrome and all these socks will get finished.  I usually have 2-4 socks going at once.)
 This is a sweater I'm knitting, just barely.  I really need to get working on it.  There's no "deadline" just some of us working on the same sweater.  It's Meadow Road by Blue Peninsula.  I really love her stuff.
 My Ascalon shawl is on hold...ran out of yarn.  A lovely Raveller is sending me her leftovers, hopefully it will be enough to finish.  It's a huge shawl...the two skeins I used so far were 900 yards.  Again, picture sucks.  The color is more blue.  Yarn has some bamboo so it should drape quite nicely, important in a big shawl don't cha think?
 More socks.  These are the first pattern I've knit from my newly acquired book by Heather Zoppetti called Everyday Lace.  They are toe up and look like they might be on the big side (toe up socks have that effect, I think)...I'll keep an eye out for fit and may send this pair to the frog pond.  
 This is the second sweater in the shared sweaters I'm doing with my friend Teri.  I'm working on the back.  It's Pour Moi in Worsted.  Madelinetosh Vintage in Baltic.  Oh Holy Cow...this picture does not do this color justice.  It's a beautiful deep blue-teal.  The pattern is a simple cardigan with a soft shirt tail back.  

Now for the soon to be projects...
This is going to be a cowl!  The pattern is Abstract Leaves Cowl. The yarn is 100% mink and just look at those pretty beads!
 Another hat...why not?!  It's called Celandine Beanie.  I better have enough leftover for a pom-pom.  Still need to get those pom-pom makers.  Hat is knit from the top down...hello Emily Ocher!
These are the latest hand dyed by me.  I still need tons of practice but I'm getting there...and it's so much fun!
 And last but not least...I got this lovely stuff over the weekend.  My friend Cam and I went to an indy dyer trunk show at The Knot House in Frederick. Dragonfly Fibers had a ton of yarn there...in all weights and colors.  It was very hard to decide on a yarn to buy, hey, the budget only allows for a wee bit of yarn these days.  So I got this lace weight yarn called Nautilace in the Silver Fox colorway.  It's....wait for it....60% silk and 40% baby camel.  So yummy!  Anyway, as you can tell by it being already wound up, I wanted to cast on right away with Autumn Wave but the needle I need is on my Ascalon Shawl...crap!  That's ok, I have plenty to keep me busy till that's done, which will be longer since I'm waiting for that yarn from an angel in Colorado. Some of you might be thinking...just go out and buy another needle lady!...no, not gonna do that, um...no, not gonna.  No.

Hope you have plenty on the needles to keep YOU busy.  
If not, you can borrow one of mine.

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