Sunday, February 23, 2014

Confession Sunday

Well, it's Sunday. A good day for confessions, especially if you're kinda Catholic. Or Catholic, but not practicing.  Or as my friend, Mtr. K says "the church you're going to when you're not going to church".  Take your pick.

I follow several blogs, mostly knitting blogs.  If you're scratching your head and saying "What?!" to yourself, yes, believe me...there are tons and tons of knitting blogs just waiting to be read.  They're prettier than mine, better photographed and posted to more often but they don't include me, so how on earth can they be more entertaining? Really, I've never seen an escape-the-giant-spider-encounter post on any of them. So there.

In this lovely month of February, after several snowfalls (since November for some) and cold, cold temps...I'm seeing posts with titles that say "Done, Done so Very Done" and "I'm Finished".  They're not referring to their knitting, oh no.  That's right...they're sick of the cold and snow and want it all to be over.  Everyone from Florida to Maine is sick of cold and snow.  It hangs around long after it falls, piled high in parking lots and front yards, getting dirty and brown, slushy during the day and icing over again at night.  Who on earth isn't sick of this Winter?!

My confession?  I want it to snow AGAIN!!!  Just one more big snowfall before Spring dances in....pleeeeease!!  Mother Nature, if you're reading this...please one more beautiful blanket of white.  Create one more coating of quiet softness on my world, catch every branch and stubborn leaves on trees and Aunt B's still hat-less head (below).

I promise to celebrate Spring with the rest of the world but I'm not ready to bid Winter a fond farewell.

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