Monday, February 24, 2014

February Happenings

 Joey turned 18!! He spent his birthday with his dad.  They went go-carting (indoor track) and to the Car Show in Baltimore.  And no, his mother isn't a lazy baker...he likes his favorite cake without icing or frosting.  Favorite cake? you ask...Marble Pound Cake. (Now you want cake, don't you?)
 I finished a mystery shawl on time with the rest of the 600+ knitters doing this project.  The clues were handed out once a week for five weeks.  Each clue had choices A or you could pick which one each week.  You could also do two colors, if you wanted. It's fun to see all the different shawls in the end but some of those color choices...ew!
 Blocked a hat I knit. Very clever hat too. I love patterns that teach you something new. Non-knitters turn away...the brim is knit with short rows so the back is only about 1/2 an inch and the front about 2 inches.  AND the short rows aren't your usual wrap&turn, they're German short rows, oh yes, learned something new I did. Look 'em up on YouTube if you want to see how it's done.  The stitch pattern is super easy to do but the fabric looks woven! I got this hat in a kit from...wait for it...France! The yarn is very "woolly", like off-the-sheep woolly...and it had an odor. After blocking it was much softer and less odor-y.
 Took this cute picture of our cat, Lyra.
And lastly, I knit a new short-row heel created by Dolly.  No holes and no double wraps...don't cha just hate those?  Non-knitters, just nod your heads in agreement.


  1. Happy 18th to Joey! They grow up fast, don't they?

    Looking at your shawl, it looks like we've chosen the same clues. I'm on row 5 of Clue 5 - so I'm not done for today's prize drawings. The next heel I want to try is the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. Lots of buzz about that one!

  2. Joey is a cutie! Happy 18th to him. The shawl is beautiful. It is amazing to see all the variations on Ravelry. Especially the interesting color choices. Love Dolly's clever short row heels!