Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days

These are pictures from our Snow days so far...
These icicles are from a big snow we had that I pretty much missed because I had the flu.  Yes, I got a flu shot! I got the stomach variety not the respiratory variety, which is what the flu shot works to prevent.  So no hope...just get through it.  Not fun. 
 The next snow fall came and I was ready! Here Justine and I are bundled up in our matching Fuego hats! The snow was so light and fluffy it was swirling around us...
 Gracie didn't like it too much.
 Playing in the snow with Padre.
 This is across the little swampy area by our trail.  Water was frozen over. that's what I like to see: A teenager hard at work!
 Icicle toothpick?!

 These following pictures are the result of a snow fall a couple days ago.  The river at our dock is frozen and covered with pretty!

 The dock has a device that keeps the water bubbling under it so it won't freeze around the pylons and do damage to the dock (I'm guessing...jeez, what do I know, I'm from California!).
 We were out walking around around 4:30pm, just before sunset and man, was it cold!
 Mike has a theory that the brackish water of our river gives the ice a different color.  The river isn't frozen solid, good Lord that would take many, many days of sub zero temps, but it was frozen several inches! We saw foot prints in the snow of someone who was walking on the river.  Crazy.

 Wearing my newest hat...the Amanda Hat.

 Climbing hills in snow is tricky.

Our feet and fingers (and noses) were a bit numb when we got home but it was totally worth it to see the beautiful snow and river as the sun was going down. 

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