Monday, January 13, 2014

National Tree Adventure

Just in case some of you have been missing your Christmas decorations and for some of you who still haven't put them away (it's ok, no one judging here)'s our adventure into DC to see the National Tree last month.
 The White House in the back...can you see it? Those people along the fence are the closest you can get.  The weather was sunny and if you stood in the sun long enough, you actually warmed up enough to unzip your coat (keep that scarf on in case the wind kicks up).

 All around the National Tree were smaller trees from each state and territory. The ornaments were covered with these plastic balls to protect them from the elements but after some snow/rain, then sunshine...we had a bit of condensation lurking inside so seeing the ornaments was a challenge. Most were from schools in the State.  
 This was the tree from Florida which had the brightest ornaments and looked the best we thought.  Can you tell we miss Florida? 
 Selfie with the Tree.
 At the base of the National Tree were model train displays.  So cute!!  That was the best part! This one had airplanes too. There was a fence around the Tree, but plenty of room to walk around and see all the displays. The sunny weather (and it was a Sunday) brought out the crowds.
 It would have been fun to see it at night all lit up. 
 Me, the kids and the White House.
 After the Tree we had lunch at some pizza place (it was SO good) then walked a couple blocks to the Portrait Museum. This was the inner courtyard...there was even a restaurant so you could dine "outside". It was very pretty inside this courtyard...Mike, Joey and Veronica are walking across a water feature, looks like glass huh?
 The museum was interesting...most interest was the new $100 bill on display.  Very colorful! Across the street was the International Spy Museum...that's next on the list!
 Then we walked to Ford's Theater. And across the street is the house where Lincoln died. The amount of history surrounding us here is hard to grasp.
 Ok, totally touristy...we even took pictures inside the Metro station.  haha

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