Saturday, May 11, 2013

Washington DC

On Thursday we took the Metro into Washington DC and did some exploring!

 Mike and Veronica by one of the many Smithsonian buildings.
 Air and Space Museum.
 No explanation necessary...but, come on, you know you were wondering about this!
 Hogwarts Express?  No just a train in the Transportation section.
 Found something knitting related!!  A swift made of bone and ivory.
 On our walk by the reflecting pool to the Lincoln Memorial.
 Scaffolding on the Washington Monument.  Artisans are repairing cracks from an earthquake they had back in 2011.  You can even see the Capitol Building in the background.
 Mr. Lincoln
 View from Mr. Lincoln's chair...not too bad!

Really bad picture...but this was a duck family enjoying the reflecting pool.

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  1. Looks like you had fun ... we're hopefully heading for a long weekend in Washington D.C. next month if I get my act together and organise it! What did you enjoy most?