Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Maryland Sheep & Wool

 Just a portion of one booth at the festival.  The yarn was wonderful but the sheep stole the show!
 This guy was almost falling asleep because of all the petting he was getting.  
 and more...

 And an alpaca or two.

 Sea of cars...all driven by happy knitter/fiber folk!
Here's my haul:  three skeins of sock yarn...the lighter color is Sea glass and has a sparkly thread in it.  Lace stitch markers and blue sheep project bag. The big plastic bag is a kit for a lace shawl with 100% tencel yarn...complete with pattern, beads and crochet hook for placing the beads.  

My kids finally figured how (and set it up so I could actually do it next time) to transfer my iphone photos to the computer.  Yeah!!  Now I really need to update my "stash" and project photos on Ravelry.  

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