Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I just returned from my first "real" dermatology appointment.  My last experience and attempt at having a "skin check" was a disaster.  The PA came at me with the nitro-in-a-can and attacked me!  Jeez!  I just wanted her to look at me.  Anyway, today went much better...sort of.

Very nice doctor, she checked me all over and concluded that a mole on my nose needed a chunk of it removed for further examination.  Probably skin cancer like my dad has...the non-deadly variety of skin cancer.  A spot on my arm needed some nitro and that was about it.  Till I spoke up and mentioned a giant mole I have on my hip, right where my waist line of my pants hit. She said, "Do you want it removed?"  I hesitated, "Um, ok.  Yeah." She says, in a way that only doctors can say, "No biggie, really, no big deal."

She leaves to get the nurse to "prep" the room (God, I hate that phrase-ology!).  I'm nervous, cuz that's just how I roll.  In walks the nurse, who, by the way, looks young enough to be my daughter, starts prepping the little metal tray with containers with liquid (for cut off portions of yours truly, no doubt), cotton, and yup, a syringe.  Now, I'm not too squeamish about needles, having giving birth three times, but it's been a while, you know?

So, snip there, slice here and freeze action...I'm all done. Worse part is numbing shot in the nose...ouch! Now I look even more like my dad...complete with a band-aid on my nose and more chunk-removals in my future. Oh goodie.

The good news is that pesky mole on my hip is gone and won't be a constant irritation.  OH!  The best part is I learned that I'm very mature and wise.  Here's how I found out:

Me:  What about this brown mole, it's darker than the others.
Doc:  No problem, it's a "maturity and wisdom" mole.
Me:  These spots on my arms and hands?
Doc: Maturity and wisdom.
Me:  This crusty spot?
Doc:  Maturity and wisdom.

No need to go on, is there? TMI?  Probably.  Sorry.


  1. I'm glad you got some treatment for your spots. I'm overdue and like you need some things frozen every now and then. I've not been told that I have Maturity and Wisdom spots so I think I won't ask what spots are - maybe I'll just point?

  2. OMGoodness!! You were so brave! I probably would have run when she came at me with the! Glad to hear all is ok; good thing it's just maturity and wisdom.

  3. So glad all is well. You were very brave, Brennee. I probably would have run when she came at me with the needle and chunk removal!

  4. Hey Sis - yeah seeing the dermatologist is no fun. Once a Dr. said, "Are you going to faint?" to me. Nice! I got so pissed... I said, "Just stop!" You know what a wimp I really am. Needless to say, I got a new Dr. and had to return for more slice & dice action a few week later. Bruner skin sucks!!!