Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chopped Challenge...Pirie Style!

Alan had a great idea to do a Chopped Challenge! We decided to give it a try...
 So to keep things simple, I suggested two teams and one meal, instead of the usual three as they do in the show.  Please tell me you've seen this show!  If not, go to Food Network and watch an episode of Chopped.  So it was the girls against the guys and dessert was the meal! Desserts will be judged on taste, creativity and appearance. JUDGES: Mom and Dad...between the two of us, we've cooked a few means so for this challenge, that's enough qualification.  Well, at least we're more qualified than Gracie! Although she did volunteer to be a judge! 
Chef Veronica and Chef Justine get ready to open their "basket" of ingredients!  They're poised and ready to kick some kitchen butt!

Chef Alan and Sous Chef Joey look ready to tackle their ingredients and show these girls just how cooking is done!

Here's our time keeper...kidding!  I kept the time on my ipod which was a little more accurate (and not as goofy). 45 Minutes in the clock please!  (Due to all the Chefs using a shared kitchen, we extended the time from the usual 30 min. allotted for the dessert round in the show.)
Ingredients:  Crescent rolls, almond/toffee chocolate bar, 1/2 brick of cream cheese and Cheerios.

 Let the cooking begin!  Chef Justine chops apples, not an ingredient, but anything in the kitchen was fair game for the contestants.  And doesn't she look cute in her apron!  No points awarded for cuteness, unfortunately.
 Chef Veronica is using all her finesse to plate the dessert just so! 
 Chef Alan shows off his keen knife skills!!  Watch those fingers!
Sous Chef Joey is looking very confident...but I think Chef Alan wants him to get his butt back to work.
 Chef Veronica and Chef Justine present their dessert:  chocolate filled crescent roll, cream cheese/apple filled crescent, slices of apple with jack cheese and chocolate sauce for dipping with a Cheerio sprinkle on top.  Please notice the cute apple garnish in the chocolate!  Those girls really worked hard!  
The judges tasted the dish...All in all a good dish, the raw apple slices were a nice palate cleanser, the chocolate crescent roll was wonderful but the cream cheese/apple crescent roll was a little dry.
 Chef Alan and Sous Chef Joey present their dessert:  Crescent wedges; one with chocolate/cream cheese spread and Cheerio sprinkle, one with peanut butter spread and chopped bananas.  For garnish they added squares of chocolate and chocolate dipped candied popcorn.
The judges taste the dish...The judges enjoyed the combination of flavors on both wedges, but both agreed it was a little too much to eat for a dessert.  The chocolate and cream cheese spread was a great combination of flavors...and who doesn't like peanut butter and bananas?!  A crowd pleaser!  Both judges agreed that the garnishes were too much to an already too big dessert.

At this point the contestants were asked to leave the room while the judges decide who will get Chopped and who will be the first Pirie Kitchen Chopped Champions.

We're sorry to announce...Chef Veronica and Chef Justine:  YOU HAVE BEEN CHOPPED!
 This was a difficult decision for the judges.  Both dishes were tasty, but the boys had a little bit better flavor.  The girls did have the best presentation. Chef Veronica and Chef Justine we ask you to leave the Chopped Kitchen.  Better luck next time girls!


The winning prize is the losing team has to do the dishes!

Hope you enjoyed our Chopped Challenge...we sure did!!


  1. That was AWESOME!!!
    You should do another round with appetizers. :)

  2. Brenda, the Chopped Challenge sounds like so much fun. I'm not familiar with the show but your post explained it well. Congratulations to the winner! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes up next!