Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Biking in the Hood

 Mike and I rode our bikes to Sandy Point State Park.  It's a short ride from our house.  I had NO idea it was so big and so nice.  Here's a pic of the beach (not sandy as the name might lead you to believe, but more like dirt).  The bridge in the background is the Bay Bridge.
 Here's another view from another part of the park.  We rode after Mike got off work, so it was around 5:30pm and cloudy. There was someone fishing off that far point.
 I made the mistake of wondering out loud if the water was brackish...so Mike had to taste the water and find out.  Yup...brackish.
 See the deer?  Crappy cell phone photo!
Really wish I had my good camera for this photo.  It's was much darker and the trees overhead made it look cave-like.  This was an adjacent neighborhood to the park that we explored.

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