Sunday, May 27, 2012

Here's how we're doing...

We've been cleaning the house this weekend in preparation for visitors coming next week for Veronica's graduation!  Yeah!!  It's been a LONG time since any family has been here to visit, so we're super excited that seven members (both sides) will be arriving soon.  I'm surprised I haven't got a phone call about Beryl from anyone, especially Mike's folks who arrive on Tuesday.  You'd think it was a category 5 Hurricane the way the media is going on and on (and on the weather channel).  We've only had a few minutes of hard rain and lots of clouds.  Maybe we'll see some overnight...that's when they're saying the most rain will fall.  We'll see.  I don't have a lot of faith in the weather people around here, can you tell?

We're trying not to stress too much about our pending move.  Got our approval on the rental in Annapolis and will finish all the paperwork next week.  We should be in our new house by July 2nd!  Wow!!  After our visitors leave, we'll really ramp up our preparations for moving.  Not 100% sure how everything is going to work (hence, the stress) but it will. Want to see more of the new house?  How about the kitchen?

Once again, crappy ipod photo.  That's a gas stove!  The counters are black speckled Corian. Good thing we already have bar stools for that counter area, huh?  The pantry has pull out shelving, too.  I'll be able to stand at the sink and look out the slider to the deck and woods's not a sparkly pool, but it is pretty nice. 
That yellow is the living room.  It's just looks super bright because of the sun coming in that room and the dark contrast of the kitchen (no lights on).  The yellow is bright, just not THAT bright.
Now, back to my knitting. 
Have a great holiday tomorrow.  Don't forget to remember.

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