Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Found a house!!

Here's the house we found in Maryland!  It's in Annapolis...kinda across the Chesapeake River, then across the Magothy is on the Little Magothy River.  Right on the can see it from the back deck.  From the ground floor (lower level, no basement) you can walk out to the small yarn, then onto a path to the river.  Gracie might like that!  She'll love hanging out on the deck and front balconies, too.  Gotta keep watch on the neighborhood for squirrels, right?  The house has 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths (that's alot of toilets to clean, I know).  And FOUR FLOORS.  See the stair photo below. It's in a great school district with the High School of choice, in other words, the best band program.  Hey, got to have priorities!

Dizzy yet?  I am.

I also found a great yarn shop called All About Yarn in Columbia. 

I got some Regia!  Haven't found/bought Regia since the early days of knitting when you couldn't get sock yarn except by ordering it through a catalogue on the phone!  (Remember that, mom?)
Also got a skein of Opal's Van Gogh yarn...Sunflowers!
The best news is that they carried Jitterbug!!  I almost got some, but resisted.  I figure I'll have plenty opportunity to get a Jittgerbug fix once I move. 
Anyway, the shop was HUGE, plenty of yarn too (I hate "skimpy" shops with only a ball or two of each color out.).  There was plenty of sock yarn, lace, cotton blends, wools (all weights) and kid/baby yarn.  The shop owner was nice, too.  Always a plus!
The house we found is actually closer to the first shop I found called Yarn Garden, not that I would hesitate to travel to this one!  

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