Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pictures from Maryland

First off...I apologize for my crappy ipod photos. Forgot the camera. Anyway, those cute yellow flowers are daffodils. The were popping up everywhere we went, even on the freeway divider islands. Reminds me of a little mountain town in San Diego called Julian. We also saw tulips! Tulips, can you believe it! I thought of my sister, she always likes to plant bulbs (they don't always do well in SD though).

So we visited Ellicott City a couple times. The downtown area is old, historic and just so darn cute!
I think this is a cherry tree. The Cherry Blossom Festival was going on in DC, but the weather wasn't so great and we were short of time, so we passed this year. Plenty of more years in our future to check that scene out.

Had to get a shot of Mike and his maps. We had a GPS, who we called Gertie, and used her most of the time to find houses, restaurants, etc. Pretty handy device, I must say. I think we may purchase one for when we move to help us (read: ME) find our way around.

Here is one of the houses available for rent that we checked out in Columbia. The neighborhood was SO cute...tons of trees, rolling hills and walking/biking paths throughout the neighborhood and wooded area. Maybe it will still be available this summer...who knows? Mike and I really liked this area but we also liked a couple areas in Anne Arundel County (Severna Park and Arnold). That area is nestled between two rivers so the rents are higher with so much land on the water.

Here's the Yarn Garden! It's located in Annapolis. Very nice ladies and tons of wonderful yarny goodness. I asked if they had Shelter by Jared Flood and they didn't carry it, but she said a shop in Virginia did and it wasn't too far a drive (other side of DC, apparently). Sounds like a field trip! Anyway, this shop was very nice, it has a good cozy feel to it. We also visited a shop in Baltimore called A Good Yarn. She doesn't carry alot of yarn and is mostly a teaching shop, which I thought was interesting. I did buy a skein from her though...gotta support your LYS!

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