Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mixer and Mud

Look at my new toy! My hand held electric mixer crapped out and I really didn't want another hand held mixer. The last one was so bad; it didn't have a gradual start so when you turned it on dry ingredients would go flying. So Joey went on Craig's List and found me a standing mixer for not a lot of money. What a guy! It's a Sunbeam, not a Kitchen Aid. I'll work up to one of those someday. Probably when this one craps out.
Mike had a Mud Run race yesterday. It was 3.5 mile run with 30 obstacles. Can you see how muddy his shoes are! Ugh!!
Anyway, he was watching the postings of the finishers (they actually post these during the race now that things are computerized) and saw that he was in 4th place. The awards were for the first three finishers in each age group. So he left early before the awards ceremony. Then this morning he checked the times and he actually came in THIRD!! He was so mad he didn't stay for the he has to track down his plaque (or trophy) from the race officials.
I'm so proud of him! He said the course was much harder than the one he did last Fall, too.

Good-bye white t-shirt.
Funny thing...his race number is our area code!

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