Saturday, March 3, 2012

Here's what has been going on...

I finished a sweater...but haven't bought any buttons yet. The yarn is thick and warm, kinda tweed-y looking. It's long and the sleeves are good for wold fall/winter days in Maryland maybe. We'll see. Gotta get those buttons first.
Just in case you were having a bad day...he's Joey to cheer you up.

Last weekend we went to Opopka (near Orlando) to watch the drumline compete. Since I don't post many pics of Mike, thought you'd like to see him. We were in the stand waiting for the show to start. On our 2.5 hour drive, we took the scenic route and ran across some interest things...

This was a garden shop...with more than you could even imagine, including Godzilla. Alright, alright, maybe that's just a t-rex, but it looks like Godzilla to me.

Atlas was there too.

And Velocity came in third. Here's the WGI website link...Joey's photo is on their front page. You have to check it out! It's the Orlando Percussion Photo Gallery and his pic is the fourth one. You can click ahead or wait in suspense. Great photo...even he likes it!

And Justine got her ears pierced. Just like Veronica. Of course.

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