Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Fun

Last Friday night we went to our first baseball game in Jacksonville! They don't have a Major League team, but they do have a Minor League team called The Suns. Everything was on a smaller scale then what we're used to with The Padres, but we loved it! The stadium was very nice, small vendors and lots to do besides just sit and watch the game. Mike and Joey paid $1 to see how fast they could pitch (Joey was 56, and I think Mike was slower...haha.).
It was St. Patrick's Day in June at the ballpark, hence the green bat give-a-ways. And after the game there were fireworks and...you ready?....Leprechaun Wrestling. We stuck around for both. The fireworks were great and the wrestling....well, it was interesting. One guy (both were little people, not real leprechauns...hey, I never know who's reading this blog) had a HUGE gut, I thought he was gonna crush the other guy.

Mike was in heaven, sitting in a ballpark, watching the home team win, drinking beer and eating peanuts.

On Saturday night, Mike and I went to the Alhambra Dinner Theater and saw The Odd Couple, staring Barry Williams (that's Greg Brady to those of you scratching your heads)!! We sat with the nicest couple (tables of four) from Atlantic Beach, great to talk with and laugh about life and stuff. Barry was great in the play, but the guy who played Felix just stole the show, he was so funny! Barry came on stage after the play and talked with the audience, he just seemed like such a great guy, totally down to earth (must have been all those good values passed down from Mike & Carol Brady). Actually, he did tease about his "affair" with Florence Henderson, it was so funny.

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