Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last Saturday, Sept. 11, Jen and I ran in the Wounded Warrior 5K! It was a great course, completely shady...only problem is the humidity was super high. I did better than I thought and got a 37:12. I ran intervals, happy for the 2 minute walks to wipe sweat off my face. After the race we were all standing around for a while because they were having computer issues while trying to get the results. Finally, they posted some of the runner's results and while Jen was checking hers this old guy approaches me. He wants to know what the delay is, so I tell him "computer problems". He says he's been racing since the early 70's and things ran much smoother without computers. I guess they'd get a pop cycle stick with a start time and turn it in after to determine their finish time. Funny! He introduces himself (Joe) and then wonders off into the crowd.

In a few minutes, they've got all the results and the awards ceremony begins. Let me make it clear that we knew we weren't in for any awards, but there was a raffle afterwards and some cool prizes (we didn't win any though). So the first award goes to the over all winner...a woman! She actually ran the course twice, I guess you can do that when you run a 5K in 18 minutes. This old guy I talked to, Joe...he's 85, he got an award for the number of races ran in his lifetime...can't remember the exact number, but it was in the hundreds. I told Jen, "I hope I'm still running at 85." She quips, "I hope I'm still alive at 85!"

Then on Monday Jen, Mike and I ran the Poker Run 5K. (Yes, you read that right, Mike is running now.) Why? Because we haven't tortured ourselves enough, of course! This was one of those free, fun runs through 1st Place Sports and it was in Orange Park...nice and close to home. Here's how it worked: You got a playing card at the start, 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile and at the end...then you played your "hand" for prizes. Now, I'm not saying we traded cards...maybe we did, maybe we didn't...but somehow Jen ended up with a full house! It was the third best hand and she got a gift card to 1st Place Sports! The "winner" got 5 of a kind...I've never heard of that in poker before...haha! Afterwards, we went for beer and pizza. Mike did a great job in his first race...well, sort of race anyway. He's working on his running so he can do the Dulathon in November with me.

Yesterday Jen got her hair cut (we go to the same gal) and our hairdresser called me "buff". Me? Buff? I laughed till I cried!

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