Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

Mike, Justine and I spent the holiday in St. Augustine. We found this young lady in the garden of Trinity Episcopal Church, the first Episcopal church in Florida. The cornerstone was laid in 1825.
These two photos were taken inside the Lightner Antique Mall which used to be the Alcazar Hotel Swimming Pool (I've blogged about this before...remember?) Anyway...the top photo was taken with a flash and the bottom without. Interesting, the difference.

St. Augustine was kinda crowded, but we had fun walking around anyway. The two grumpy teens stayed home. Ok, they were grumpy for a reason...homework. Homework or not, they didn't want to go anyway.
We walked all around town, looked at Memorial Presbyterian again, Justine wanted to see where Flagler was buried. She had some b-day money to spend, so we did some shopping. We noticed quite a few buildings had been painted in town, I wonder if they're starting to spruce up around town with their big anniversary coming up in a few years. St. Augustine will be 450 years old in 2015!

Hope you had a fun weekend, too!

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