Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday, knitting, biking...

I don't know who looks funnier...Joey or Lyra.
Justine turned 11 on Saturday! That's a leopard cake I made for her...that girl knows how to push my creative baking skills. She had three friends over for a trip to Build a Bear and sleepover. She also received tons of goodies in the mail...she's writing her thank yous today (those of you who sent her stuff can look forward to getting a card soon). We got her a digital camera. Justine's decided she now wants to grow up to be a nature/animal photographer.

Finished my Finery socks! This yarn is Madeline Tosh Sock...a new favorite! The sock is a little tight to get on but looks great once I do. I screwed up one part...made the heel flap different on each one. See the bits of garter by the flap...I did the other sock with just the slip stitch pattern, no garter. Oh well, knitting Godzilla strikes once again.

This was a KAL with Charlotte. This pattern was so fun and easy to do. I didn't do a project sheet for it on Ravelry though. I do this sometimes...I have projects that never make it in. They only took one skein of Knitpicks Essential.

Another project without a page in Ravelry. It's Citron, my second one of this pattern. The yarn is Dream in Color Baby. So quick and easy to knit...a good project for watching TV and chatting at knit group. Now if the weather would only cool down a bit, I could wear it.
I finished a sweater over the weekend and will block it today. I have a new one picked out that I'll cast on Wednesday night. I'm a little behind in my Mystery Shawl KAL, so I'm going to concentrate on that for the next couple days to hopefully get caught up. More pics to come on knitting stuff, I promise!
Over the weekend, Mike and I did the Green Cove Springs Rotary Club Charity Ride. We rode the 25 mile bike ride, but actually ended up riding about 28 miles. That's the most I've ever done on my bike. The only part of my body that was sore were my shoulders (thank God for bike shorts!). I can understand the appeal of long bike rides on the open road. We had a few stretches of road that were empty of traffic, wide open fields with farms and was so relaxing to be out there. We decided that a long bike ride in the country once in a while is a great idea and so we'll probably do it again when the weather cools a bit. The weather for the ride on Saturday was perfect; cloudy, light sprinkle and cool (low 80s). We totally lucked out in the regard. After the ride, the Rotary Club had a nice BBQ set up for the riders. Nothing like a good meal after a great work out!
Then yesterday, Jen and I met for a run by the River. There was a wonderful breeze coming off the water...I had a great run. It was a fun weekend. How was yours?

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