Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alone Again aka School Has Started

Yesterday was the first day of school. This is going to be an exciting year for all three of them. Veronica is in her Jr. year and that means it'll be her toughest year. She does all her testing this year through the AICE program. She is also the Section Leader for the Pit. I also imagine that her social life will ramp up, too. Joey is in his first year of high school, and I think just learning to balance the work load and band will be a challenge for him. He's working hard to get organized. Veronica is a good influence on him, he just hangs on her every word. Today he went off and forgot his lunch...and so it begins. Justine is in her last year of elementary school, 6th grade. They switch classes for each subject to prepare them for Jr. High. She's ready to tackle the day today in her new purple Converse sneakers.

And I'm home...alone. Well, at least till I leave for work anyway. Ahhhhhh

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