Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Danskin Triathlon


Don't ya love it?!

What do triathletes do when they're not racing? Knit, of course!

All done with my part...that's my bike computer I'm holding up.

Shevon races toward the finish line!!

Jen's ready to roll. Only problem is it's the a**-crack of dawn!

After the race wearing our medals!

I competed in my first Triathlon on Sunday, Mother's Day!! I was on a relay team made up of me, the biker, Jen, the swimmer and Shevon, the runner. You can look for our results here, of you like. Our goal was to do our best and finish and that's exactly what we did! The race was in Orlando, Florida at the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort. There were 2200 participants, and among them 67 relay teams. The race started with the swim that was 1/2 mile long, then the bike part, 12 miles and lastly the run 3.1 miles.

Jen and I drove together from Jacksonville on Saturday and met Shevon at our hotel at 11am. We had to pick up our packet and check in my bike on Saturday before 5pm. This being Disney, we couldn't park anywhere near the Resort, so we had to take shuttle buses everywhere. It really was very well organized until it came time to leave then it was a huge mess. The heat was awful both days...high temps with high humidity. Luckily the race is early in the morning...we left the hotel at 4:30 am and were in the Transition area at 5am. That sucked. Then we had a LONG wait until 7:51a.m when Jen's wave hit the water and we were racing.

I feel so proud of us gals! Jen and I both thought it felt like a real turning point in our lives, like it's the start of something big. She and I are going to start training harder so some time this fall we can do another tri, competing either on a relay team doing two of the three legs OR doing the whole darn thing. I'm optimistic, as usual. Our friends and families are very supportive, so with them behind us we can't lose!


  1. Congratulations! The pics are awesome and it looks like you guys had a ton of fun! Way to go!

  2. Hey Brennee-

    You ROCK! Congratulations on your first team-triatholon. Love the photos! It sounds like there will be more races in your future. I'm glad that you have such cool friends so far away from home. I'm very proud of you.