Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday Fun

Sunday’s drive took us to the beach. We cruised through Ponte Vedra, drove by so many beautiful homes and ended up at Jax Beach. The weather was so beautiful. The tide was low and there were piles and piles of shells. Most of these piles held broken bits of shells…beautiful to look at but tough on the feet. There was one area with shells in bigger pieces. Justine and I had fun digging for our shell treasures. The sun felt warm and wonderful. The wind was blowing quite hard and the sweatshirt didn’t come off, that’s ok. Besides, I needed my front pocket to hold all our shells.

That afternoon I worked on William’s sweater. I’m super excited to get to the decreasing part for the saddle shoulder. I’d like to do more Elizabeth Zimmerman patterns next year when working on my stash. Getting back to basics with my knit skills and sweater construction sounds good to me.

This is what Sundays should be all about. Nothing to do but go for a drive,
walk on the beach and knit.

Medrith + Faith = Sweater Love

Here’s my mom’s latest class project. The pattern is from Medrith Glover. Her patterns can be difficult to read through and understand, you just need to knit and do what she says, when she says and have faith it will turn out. I’ve only knit up her Circumnavigated cardigan…talk about a fun knit!
Isn't my mom cute?!


  1. Look at you blogging! Sounds like you all had fun at the beach. I really wanna see how the saddle shoulders are made in the round, I am a bit perplexed by that idea.

  2. Thanks...I know, I'm blogging! I'm hoping to start the saddle shoulders today. I'll bring it tonight and we'll chat.

  3. What an energetic woman you mom is!!