Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Camp Fire Memories

Camp Wolahi
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I read an article from the San Diego Union-Tribune about the Camp Fire Council in Balboa Park is on thin ice. This is no surprise to me, since our beloved Camp Wolahi burned down to the ground in the 2003 Cedar Fire things have not looked good for the Council.

I have so many wonderful memories from when I was a Camp Fire Girl and as if that weren't enough...I got to enjoy it all again through the eyes of my own daughter. I was her Camp Fire leader for 8 years. What fun it was to watch Veronica and all the kids from my club grow up!

I miss Camp Wolahi and Camp Cahito so much! I remember scraping my nose on the bottom of the pool while doing a backwards summersault at summer camp, I think I was 11. Fast forward and I'm sliding down Squirrel Hill, hurting my ankle as an adult. Godzilla lives at any age, eh?

One camping trip while were were staing in Kuta Cabin, all us adults woke up the kids at 4am to watch a meteor shower. It was AWESOME! Another trip, it rained the entire time...poured, in fact. Somehow we gained access to the lodge...we made a roaring fire, played games and hung out all day. My experience in Camp Fire taught me, amoung many things, to macrome, build a fire, cook a foil dinner, sing more "camp" songs (I still remember most), play Stress and fall in love the sound to the sound of little girls giggling.

Any other Camp Fire girls out there besides me?!


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