Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ten for Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

10 things I like to do outside:

1.  I love to sit outside and watch the neighborhood.  I listen and watch...nothing much happens, but the birds sound nice and neighbors who walk by wave hello.

2.  I love to walk outside.  I usually don't plug-in while walking.  I like to hear the sounds of the world while out in it.  I like the sunshine (although I always wear a hat these days).

3.  Gracie and I enjoy our daily walk around lunch time.  When the weather warms up (if it ever does), we may change it to morning.  Either way, it's fun to watch her.  She's a dog so lots of sniffing and marking, of course.  She'll notice a squirrel every now and again, not as much as she used to though...she's getting older.  She's so much better at greeting other dogs in this neighborhood than our old one.  We still stay away from the big dogs though...she's not too fond of them.

4.  I love riding my bike.  As soon as the weather warms, I'm going to make riding a routine.  There are plenty of neighborhoods to explore and I think, a short cut to the Baltimore-Annapolis Rail to Trail, too.  A nice way to enjoy the sunshine and get a work out too.

5.  I have working in the garden to look forward to this year.  Mike built three garden boxes this past weekend and I've ordered some stuff from Burpee.  We'll get some starter veggie plants from the local nursery (in a few weeks) and the garden should be on it's way.  Another frost still coming, so we'll be planting closer to Mother's Day, I think.  The "dirt" is coming this weekend so I'll be outside filling the boxes.  We also have work out front we're doing too.  Pics will be posted, don't worry.

6.  I love walking down the street to our neighborhood beach, sitting on the bench and watching the water.  I can't wait to do that this summer, wine spritzer in hand, husband by my side.

7.  One the coldest days of winter, Mike and I love to go to historic Annapolis, get a hot drink from Starbucks and walk the old neighborhoods.  I have plenty of woolies to keep us warm so we really don't get too cold (plus we're walking not strolling).  We have to streets to ourselves because of the cold so it's kinda nice.

8.  I love to enjoy a glass of wine sitting in the yard with Mike...enjoying the last of the sun before it goes down.

9.  Although I rarely do it, sitting and knitting outside is something I enjoy, too.  Not sure why it doesn't happen more often.  I should remedy this.

10.  I love to hike too.  A nice trail in the woods or mountains is my kinda hike.

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