Friday, March 18, 2016


I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick's Day! No green beer around here...but I did make Shepard's Pie for dinner.  Is that Irish?  Irish enough.  I finally got Justine to model some of my finished shawls (I still have three more to be blocked).  Here they are:

This is Incendiary by Picnicknits.  I knit it with my very own yarn...Embers colorway.  If you've bought some of my variegated yarn...this pattern is a perfect choice for it!  It knits up quick, the charts are clear and easy to follow.  I really enjoyed this pattern.  Blocks to a nice size, too.  If you want THIS colorway I will have it in the shop very soon.  I dyed two skeins and when I get back from my girls beach weekend, they're going in the shop!

This is Edison by Lynn Di Cristina.  It's all garter.  Mine is knit with Bamboo Pop which is 50% cotton, 50% nice drape!  I had to wait a couple months for the black to get ordered (Thank you All About Yarn in Columbia!).  Waiting for yarn is not something I do well.  Good thing I have plenty more yarn to help me cope.

This is Architexture by Jennifer Weissman.  I saw the kit on sale at Craftsy on Facebook and bought it, totally on impulse.  It was only $25....including shipping!!  Then I recruited two friends to join me in a KAL.  (Remember non-knitters, that's a Knit A-Long.)  I did the largest size and man, is it long!  Over 90 inches long! Will make a good scarf for next winter.  Or this weekend since we might get some snow.  Might. 

Anyway, Justine was nice to model for me...the wind was blowing and she was cold.  I kept's a shawl...and here's a shawl...

She's standing under the Tulip Tree.  I promised you pictures...

The whole tree is covered in pink tulips!  A bunch more have yet to even open....I hope the cold coming doesn't kill them off.  

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Beautiful shawls and a beautiful magnolia tree - I've always wanted one of those!

    I have to ask - did you make your shepherd's pie with lamb? I keep seeing shepherd's pie on menus over here but made with ground beef which is always a big disappointment! On our side of the pond (so, in both UK and Ireland) you can't call a pie shepherd's pie unless it's made with lamb (after all that's the meat shepherds had available to them!).

  2. Good lamb isn't always easy to find in the US and besides, that makes it extra special when traveling to your side of the pond.
    That and a Shandy or two