Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Ten for Tuesday

It's Tuesday.  I love Tuesdays...it's knit night.  But tonight I'm not going to knitting because the band is having their Holiday Concert.  Justine is playing in the orchestra as well as the band this year.  I'm excited!  The neighborhood is also having a bonfire at our little community beach tonight.  If we get home in time, we'll walk over and join them.  So today's Ten for Tuesday:

Ten Things I Truly Enjoy About the Holiday Season.

1.  The Christmas Tree.  Our tree is turned on first thing in the morning (when it's still dark) and it's the last thing to be turned off at night.  I love looking at it...every ornament means something to me.  The tree this year makes me think of Veronica...she helped put it up and jump started my Christmas Spirit!

2.  I love to knit presents for my family.  This doesn't always happen but it did last year and again this year.  I love keeping them secret...not that anyone pays any attention to my "knitting zone" anyway.  When I see a loved one (friend and family) in something I knit, it makes my heart happy.

3.  I love to see houses decorated for the holidays...especially at night! We saw one the other night, on the way to my friend Teri's house...OMG!  We're gonna have to bring the kids by so they can see it...a huge yard and house covered with displays/lights.  Our new neighborhood has a holiday decorating contest...I think next year we'll get into it for sure!

4.  My homemade Almond Roca.  Love making it, cracking it, eating it and giving it!

5.  I love that this year Justine asked me to number the presents under the tree.  Last year I didn't, no particular reason, just didn't do it.  You know what I mean?  You put a number on the presents instead of a name so the "guessers" can't guess!  Brilliant! I've been doing it for years.  My mom did it when we were kids.  I have to be really careful not to lose the list of which number is for which person, too.

6.  I love reading uplifting stories of gratitude, giving and friendship on social media.  It's hard to find with all the horrors in the world and political BS all over the place but it's there if you look hard enough (and block certain people). My head isn't buried in the sand...but it's looking for the positive not the negative.

7.  I really enjoy the holiday commercials that make me cry!  The one with the grandma holding her grandson on Christmas morning, telling the baby about her little boy (daddy)...I think it's a coffee commercial.  I'm just a sucker for that schmaltz.

8.  Christmas movies!  I love so many and watch year round but REALLY ramp up my viewing this time of year.  Besides, I have to knit all the gifts, so why not watch Christmas movies at the same time?!  haha  I really love The Santa Clause, Elf and Love Actually.  Oh! and The Christmas Story, too.  I wish I had a copy of Pocket Full of Miracles...mom and I would watch that while decorating her tree.  I guess it's not technically a "christmas" movie...but mom and I consider it one.

9.  I love Christmas baking and cookie decorating!  Well, truth be told, Veronica has taken over as the cookie baker the last few years but we all get in on the decorating!  Justine has already made a batch of Peppermint Biscoti with Chocolate and Peppermint candies on top...oh so good!  No telling what we'll make this year!

10.  I just don't feel the rush of the holiday season like I did when the kids were smaller.  I feel life has a slower pace (some days more than others) and I can take my time about things.  Some things can wait.  I'm going to enjoy all the beautiful sights and sounds...hugs and hand shakes...cookies and movies this year.  Hope you do too!

Last winter.  Don't tell anyone but....I miss the Polar Vortex!

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