Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Adventure Starts Friday

You may or may not know this, but I'm moving.  Again.  This time it's only a couple miles away.  Yeah!  

We moved here to Maryland July 2012 and rented a house.  We held on to our house in Florida because it was a bad time to sell and buying is so expensive rent here, rent out the house there.  Fast forward to this past July...we sold our house in Florida.  It as harder than I thought...oh, not finding a buyer, that happened pretty quick, but letting go of that house.  First of all, we wanted to pull more money out of it but that wasn't gonna happen for who knows how long, if ever BUT we did pull money out, for which I am grateful.

The house in Florida kind of stands as a symbol of our strength.  Our strength that we could move across country and be OK.  We made a new home in an area where we didn't know anyone.  Our family made many good memories in that house and community.  I made friends there I love and miss every day.

But I know things change and you have to adapt.  So we moved up here.  Now I have friends here I love and a community we love but I haven't felt like we've put down roots.  This house we live in now, it's not the same.  It's a rental, so I always knew it would be temporary.  I feel like I've been on hold since moving here.  Waiting for a house we can call our own and creating new memories to add to our lives.

All that begins on Friday!

We close on a house here in Maryland.  Not Annapolis, that's a big ticket item we just can't afford BUT right next door is a wonderful town called Arnold.  I mean really, it's so close, it feels like the same town.  Just a different name on the address label.  Arnold.  I hear Helga yelling, "Hey! Arnold!" every time I say it.  What? You don't know the Hey Arnold! cartoon?  The kid with the football shaped head?  Oh. Well, look it up on Youtube.

I shared some details on the house in a previous post (the last one...scroll down on the right and look for it, if you didn't read it already). I'll share photos of us through out this adventure.  I'm sure some of it will be very entertaining.  

Here's a file photo that the realtor had...we'll post much better ones soon!

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