Monday, October 19, 2015

End of the Row Yarn Colleges

I like to help promote my yarns by making colleges and posting them on social media.  So just in case you're not following me on FB or IG (and certainly if you don't even know what those initials stand for) are a few of my latest creations.  Some of the yarns are available in the shop (just in case you can't resist them).

And these are ones that sold out but I will be adding again soon (like next week):

 And these best sellers!  I'll be adding more to the shop as well...

All the yarns are machine wash and are a blend of superwash merino wool and nylon.  Perfect for socks, shawls, cowls, mitts...well, just about everything.

1 comment:

  1. Brenda, these yarns look fabulous. If you had some that didn't have wool in (stupid allergy for a knitter to have, I know!) I would definitely be buying from you.