Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday...Um, Nope.

 For the record, I'd like to state, I have not gone insane.  I also have not knit everything in the world I've wanted to knit nor having knit these projects should you assume I've run out of things to knit and now you may start suggesting projects for me.  Having said that, here's the story behind these gifts.  Yes, gifts.

My friend, Becky, in California was sharing with me her newest "grand pets" via texting a few weeks back.  She baby sits and helps out whenever she can.  When grand kids come on the scene, she'll be so ready.  She's the best wife and mom I know, so being best grandma is a given.  Anyway, I was fascinated with these creatures...a bearded dragon, Short Round and a blue tongued skink, Sallah.  I'm not used to reptile pets and I had a few questions; how big? what do they eat? When she sent a picture of Sallah, I may have said I was gonna have nightmares. Shes said, "Just imagine him with a cute hat." Me, "He'd be adorable with a cute knitted hat." Beck, "If you knit him one for him I'll be sure to get a pic of it on him haha!" Snowball from here.  I found out Shorty was sleeping wrapped in a washcloth.  Well, that will never do! Auntie Brenda is on it!!  And as any good Auntie (or Granny) will tell you, you can't give something to two of the three grand Rocco gets something to chew.  I thought of a knitted bone, but I know this dog is big and would destroy it in seconds.  So there's the back to my regular knitting projects.
I didn't get a picture of the finished blankie (dishcloth) so there's the pattern picture so you can see the lizard knitted on.  Cute, huh?
Ok, yes, infinitely cuter with a hat nightmares.  haha!
Don't you just want to scratch his belly?!

I really had fun making these projects. It's a blast to break from traditional projects and knit something that makes people scratch their heads...or think you've gone insane.  You should try it.

Or am I doing enough for all of us?

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