Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Most of you know of my on going hate relationship with spiders.  Now, I know, rationally, that they are beneficial insects.  They eat bugs that are bad for the garden....blah, blah, blah.  Rubbish!!  They spin webs that are strategically located so you walk into them, they hide in the car and conveniently drop down on a thread right in front of your face, while you're driving with no where to pull over (this actually happened to me), they crawl across the floor just out of eyesight, trying to find a quick route to enter your space and scare you to death, ok, well, you get the idea.

Today is March 25.  So, Spring started this week, right?  Winter is still hanging on here, temps this lovely morning in the low 30s.  Anyway...Spring (concentrate Brenda!  see what spiders do to me)and Spring means that all those bugs that were tucked away for Winter are starting to emerge.  I actually killed two spiders on Monday. Spiders in the HOUSE!! No one was around to kill them for me so I had to do it.  I wish the Hulk had been around, not so he could SMASH the spiders for me but so that I could borrow a shoe of his (does he even wear them?!) and SMASH it myself!!  I did find the biggest, heaviest, deadliest shoe around and smashed the poor spider to oblivion. Poor spider my Aunt Fanny, as my mom would say!!

And just for the record, in case you're thinking I'm so cruel and horrible to SMASH and innocent, helpful, just-crawling-around-minding-his-own-business's my rule.  My space is the house, his space is the world outside.  I don't kill him in his space and he shall be squished in my space.  Ya know, in all fairness, his space is a lot bigger than mine.

Bring it on spiders...I'm armed with my shoe and ready for ya!!

And to make it interesting...I'm keeping a SPIDER DEATH COUNT  on the blog.  It's located on this right side bar, down at the bottom.  I'll tally up all my kills this year.  Now, if you find MY photo on the side bar, under a new heading, well then you know the spiders have won.

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  1. Spider Death Count - hilarious!

    I don't disagree with you at all! Let's not forget crawling on you while you're sleeping. That's a big fear of mine.