Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ten for Tuesday

Ten things I love about a rainy day...

1.  It's a great day for knitting! (Oh come on, like you didn't see that coming.)

2.  I like to pop in an "old favorite" movie.  The top three at this time...Under the Tuscan Sun, The Santa Clause and (newest favorite) Super 8.

3.  The next couple days are going to be cloudy and rainy...and cold!  I like that the temps are cooler in this part of the country.  Down south rainy days were almost always warm, cloudy and rainy. Good for running, I have to admit, but not so good for the "rainy day" experience when you have to crank up the AC.

4.   I don't feel as rushed.  I take my time in what I'm doing, whatever I'm doing.

5.  I usually don't go anywhere I don't have to on rainy days.  I work my errands around them so when it's raining, I'm at home.  I do offer to take the kids to school so they don't have to stand in the rain at the bus stop.  I'm such a nice mom.  (haha)

6.  After walking Gracie in the rain (not my favorite), her fur curls up like she's had a mini-perm.  She looks so cute!  Gracie doesn't mind the rain too much. When it's super stormy (like Super Storm Sandy was)...strong winds and rain, she's not so happy.  Like her mom.

7.  I love to listen to the rain, especially at night.

8.  The air is cleaner during and after a rain.  All the pollen is knocked down.  So are the many blooms on the trees, but hey, you can't win 'em all.

9.  I like to have a special lunch on rainy days.  Not just the usual of leftovers or a sandwich. Sometimes I even make soup from scratch...just for me!

10.  Combine number 1 and 2:  That's me on a rainy day.  Today I'm going to finish knitting a present for someone who is having a birthday soon (and block it too, I hope) and also work on my Hitofude KAL sweater.  Not sure what movie I'll watch.  I don't have any shows to catch up on so a movie it will be.  Maybe The Santa Clause...I can always use some Christmas cheer.  I have some house work to do as visitors are coming soon, too.  And knit group is tonight!  Sounds like an awesome day!

I hope you day is great too.

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  1. I love rainy days too as long as I don't have to work. It's like nature is telling us to take some time to relax. I hope you're relaxed and enjoyed yours!