Thursday, April 24, 2014

#tbt (or for us older folks...Throw Back Thursday)

Welcome back to Throw Back Thursday!
Here we are (me, Mike and Barb) at the San Diego Zoo! Not sure when, probably late 60's, I look like I'm maybe 5 years old. When I showed this to my husband Mike, he said, "Oh man, that brings back memories." We're the same age and grew up in the same we have a lot of the same experiences. Back then, you could get into the zoo free if you were under the age of 16. I remember ditching in high school and hanging out at the zoo all day.  When I was little, like in the photo, we used to be able to feed the animals at the zoo.  Peanuts for the elephants and marshmallows for the spider monkeys.  I remember the monkey's little hands reaching out through the cage for the was scary and exciting at the same time.

This picture I love! Barb (back then we called her Barbie) and I on a swing set. I'm screaming my head off about something...Barb probably pinched me! haha

Grandaddy and I on the carousel at Marshal Scotty's Playland Park.  Grandaddy was a real cowboy, he used to break horses.  

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