Sunday, October 27, 2013

Back in Time in DC

The next few posts will be from when my mom came to visit, then my in-laws came to visit...and all the fun that took place!

 One of the things my mom REALLY wanted to do was try to find her old apartment building she used to live in when she lived in DC...back in 1958! 
It was so fun! I don't know who had more fun, Mike and I or her! 
So she remembered having to cross a bridge, down the street from the National Zoo and her building was on that block. Not much to go on but we were game!
 We found this awesome bridge...but it didn't seem right.  So we went the other way, past the Zoo and there was another bridge! 
 And then her building!!  But to be sure we had to walk around the corner, down the street...and to these gates!  They used to be (and maybe still are) the gates to the Indian Embassy!
 When mom lived in DC, she was 19 years old and shared a one bedroom apartment with three other girls.  She worked at the FBI.  Cool, huh?  She remembers a wonderful family owed Italian restaurant which was close to home...and cheap! The restaurant is gone but can you believe there's an historical plaque about it on the corner where it was?!  Amazing! remembers you well!
 We found a wonderful Mexican restaurant nearby with a patio and margaritas! 
What a great day!
 Then mom picked up some weird guy...

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