Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Stuff

This year's tree...chuck full of ornaments! Now there are presents under the tree...I did some wrapping last night!  woohoo!  
Mike and Justine after her Winter Concert this week.  She's missing her bow tie and cumber bun. The concert included Jazz Band, Concert Band and Symphonic Band.  Justine plays trumpet in Jazz and Symphonic Bands.  The really sounded good...for a Middle School Band that is.  ha-ha
Anyone know what these orange sticks are for?  I didn't.  I saw them all through our neighborhood, mostly on corners.  Mike, who as skied before, knew exactly what there were.  They're to guide snow plows and cars when the ground is covered with snow.  Right! Cuz when every thing is covered with the white stuff, you can't see curbs etc.  Duh.  It's a whole new world, this state called Maryland.

By the sign of snow in the near future.  Keeping fingers crossed for a White Christmas anyway.

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  1. Oh yes - you're going to get snow! I remember how much of a shock my first winter in Canada was, but you do get used to it. That said, we're just coming to the end of a 10-day snowy period here in Germany and I'm quite happy that we now have temperatures above zero (32F) again and the snow is starting to melt at last! Hoping not to have a white Christmas!!

    The thing about snow is that it's a great excuse to stay indoors with some yarn! Have a lovely Christmas!